Why Whole30

Why Whole30 If you want to check out my thoughts leading up to this blog post, click here to read.Β If you don’t that’s cool! tl;dr version: you do you when it comes to health. There are tons of ways you can be more well – choose what’s right for you in any given moment. Long … More Why Whole30

tl;dr: you do you.

tl;dr: you do you!   The longer version: To me, health means living in an overall optimal state of being. I think you can be healthy in some aspects of your life and not others. What’s important is that true health is never a competition – with the old you, with the person you want … More tl;dr: you do you.


Picture 1: February 2015 The girl on the left thought she was healthy. She had ran a half marathon just three months prior, she did high intensity exercise and cardio constantly, and thought she ate β€œhealthy” because she ate a ton of vegetables all the time. I was in a fairly new relationship, going out … More #transformationtuesday

Not So Fast!

Why I Said “No” To Food For 24 Hours Of all the fitness “trends” this is the one I never thought I’d do. Fasting. Willingly choosing not to eat for an extended period of time. I remember hearing about intermittent fasting about a year ago and I let it go in my mind. I’d never … More Not So Fast!