Love Run Half Marathon Race Recap

If I could use one word to describe my taper week pre-race it would be this: ANXIETY. And that general anxiety had me questioning if my goals for this race would pan out.  My nutrition had changed in the weeks leading up to the race, I wasn’t sleeping well, I didn’t stick to my run … More Love Run Half Marathon Race Recap

B E L I E V E 💫

When I stepped away from this page, I thought not much would change besides the time I spent scrolling. 📱 I was getting lost in a sea of other instagrammers who were posting the same things as me, so what was the point?🤔 In the past three days, I’ve realized what I’ve been missing. It … More B E L I E V E 💫

Why Whole30

Why Whole30 If you want to check out my thoughts leading up to this blog post, click here to read. If you don’t that’s cool! tl;dr version: you do you when it comes to health. There are tons of ways you can be more well – choose what’s right for you in any given moment. Long … More Why Whole30

tl;dr: you do you.

tl;dr: you do you!   The longer version: To me, health means living in an overall optimal state of being. I think you can be healthy in some aspects of your life and not others. What’s important is that true health is never a competition – with the old you, with the person you want … More tl;dr: you do you.