Goodbye NFI

It was supposed to be six months. A six month internship with a company I had never heard of (I applied because a friend of my sister saw it and thought it was the NFL.) I remember moving out of college, driving from Richmond, VA to Delran, NJ. It was June 8th, 2012 and I … More Goodbye NFI

Why Whole30

Why Whole30 If you want to check out my thoughts leading up to this blog post, click here to read.ย If you don’t that’s cool! tl;dr version: you do you when it comes to health. There are tons of ways you can be more well – choose what’s right for you in any given moment. Long … More Why Whole30

tl;dr: you do you.

tl;dr: you do you!   The longer version: To me, health means living in an overall optimal state of being. I think you can be healthy in some aspects of your life and not others. What’s important is that true health is never a competition – with the old you, with the person you want … More tl;dr: you do you.