Training Log: Trail Race Prep!

Monday Rest Day

I went for two walks and took Prim to the dog park. Less than 10,000 steps total. It was a good day 🙂

Tuesday Easy Run

  • Easy Run – 149 HR AVG
  • 6.2 Miles
  • 9:45 Average Mile Pace
  • Splits: 10:31 (WU), 9:36, 9:34, 9:15, 9:52, 9:35

It’s crazy to see the difference in just one week! Last week’s easy run pace on Monday was over a minute slower. I felt so great on today’s run and could see the MAF training really paying off. I’m consistently in the high 9 min/mile. After just a few months of consistent training I can run 1 minute faster per mile at the same heart rate and for longer distances.

Yesterday I started researching more upcoming races. If all goes well on the trails this weekend, I’d like to do a few more trail races within the year. I found a 20 miler and an ultra(!!) that I may sign up for, plus some more half and full marathons 🙂

My ankle has been feeling fantastic…but that’s still with tape and compression socks on every run. And I’ll admit, it’s at about 95%. Sometimes while I’m running, I can feel it start to get irritated. It’s a world better than it was 1 and 2 weeks ago, I just still hope I’m on the right path for a full recovery… Fingers crossed.

I did try Pro Compression socks for the first time this morning and have to say: I loved them. They fit great and are a great comfortable material. They’re not impossible to get on and off, which is nice. They have a lot of sales and deals so I will probably be purchasing more pairs in the future!

I have a bodypump class tonight that I’m excited for. I love and need to continue to focus on the strength training sessions! And yoga. And all cross-training. I know that’s what will make me less injury prone and feel better overall, so I’m definitely re-dedicating myself to that.

Wednesday Recovery Run

  • Easy Run – 142 HR AVG
  • 5 Miles
  • 10:11 Average Mile Pace
  • Splits: 10:37 (WU), 10:10, 9:45, 10:07, 10:14

Another easy run this morning and my legs were a bit heavy after bodypump on Tuesday night. I got to test out my new Nathan Firestorm Hydration Vest and it worked great! The “sloshing” noise was hard to get used to at first, but by the end it was unnoticeable. The vest was comfortable and I can see myself using it on any long runs now!

Thursday AM Strength Circuit 

This morning I got to wake up a little bit later and do a quick 30 minute strength circuit instead of a run. This worked out well since I had a little date night last night, stayed out later than usual, and had a beer with dinner.

Thursday PM Burlington Running Club 

  • 800 Repeats – 166 HR AVG
  • 6 Miles
  • 9:00 Average Mile Pace
  • Splits: 10:06 (WU), 8:35, 8:10, 8:43, 8:41, 9:45

I didn’t actually calculate my 800 splits, so I’m not sure what my average was for those, but I’m happy with my overall pace here. Especially with it being such a hot afternoon, I know I was in the 7’s for a lot of the speed work.

I also got a good amount of rest in since I split it up between 3.5 before the BRC group took off and 2.5 with the club. So there was about 10 minutes in between some of the efforts and some extra “easy run” time get back up to speed.

I figured with my 25k full of unknowns coming up, it was okay not to push myself too hard on this hard session on Thursday night.

Friday Recovery

I walked and spent time on my yoga mat on Friday, but that was about it. I wanted my legs to be fresh and ready for the trails the next day!

I spent the whole night before prepping for the race – got my hydration pack set, did laundry and packed my clothes, set out my trail shoes and gear and got ready for the next day.


Saturday – Dirty German 25K!

  • Trail Run – 144 HR AVG
  • 15.08 Miles
  • 15:33 Average Mile Pace
  • 1,181 ft. elevation
  • Moving time: 3:11:36
  • Total time 3:55

I’ll go more in depth in a race recap blog post, but I had a blast at the DG! I found a group of runners from my running club in the morning and decided I’d tag along with them for the run. It was a great race that ended up being easier than I expected. We took a lot of breaks to catch up with one another and didn’t have any expectations on pace or finish time. It was purely fun and such a great experience! More details to come soon 🙂

Sunday – Recovery

  • Easy Recovery Run – 138 HR AVG
  • 2.3 Miles
  • 10:06 Average Mile Pace
  • Splits:  9:59, 9:59, 10:39

+17 Minutes easy cycling on Indoor Trainer

I thought I’d be dragging after the trail race the day before, but my legs felt awesome! I told myself I’d keep it slow and breezed through the first two miles. The last .3 mi


les was all uphill and I wanted to keep my HR low, so I slowed down quite a bit, but I really just wanted to get my legs moving anyway.

When I got home, I noticed a “friend” followed me along for the ride. It looked like a baby caterpillar. I think my day prior in the woods “softened me up” and kept me from freaking out and flushing him down the toilet. I went outside and let him inch off of me and get back in to nature. Lucky guy 🐛

Same with the extra time on the bike – I just wanted to loosen my legs back up and they really felt fantastic. So afterwards I spent some time on my yoga mat and made sure I was doing everything I could to let my legs recover so they can hit the pavement hard this next coming week 🙂

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