Why I’m Giving Up Fruits & Vegetables

I’ve been getting some signals from my body telling me that I have to clean up my diet for a little while. Unfortunately, that means giving up some foods I enjoy. That means no beer for a while (which sucks!). Very little carbohydrate, no dairy, nothing processed, and no grains.

However, following this protocol also means I can’t have brussel sprouts, watermelon, asparagus, hummus, onions, cashews, cauliflower, peanut butter, and some of my other favorite fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

You might be thinking a few things:

1. This girl claims to know what’s healthy but is giving up some of the healthiest foods! Hasn’t she heard those foods aren’t bad for you?

2. What the hell CAN she eat?!

3. WHY?!

Let me start with #3 and explain why: my gut is giving me loads of signs that are telling me to give these foods up. Without going in to too much detail, my digestive system hasn’t been functioning quite properly. And since the gut affects SO many other things in your body (immunity, hormones, brain function, mood, and more) I really don’t want it to be unhappy with me.

So, why give up healthy foods?

Well, I’m currently reading It Starts With Food (Melissa Hartwig is my new idol, by the way) and I was reminded of something I had forgotten: Food has the power to either make you healthier or less healthy. There are no other options. There is no gray area there. Healthy or less healthy – those are your options.

And it clicked for me that certain “healthy” foods were making my gut less healthy. I have signs and symptoms of fermentation in my gut, and starchy, high FODMAP foods are feeding that bad bacteria. So, I have to choose the foods that make MY body healthier.

My gut was damaged from years of eating poorly sourced meats, glyphosate sprayed foods, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and other things that have made my body think that healthy foods are “foreign” and “bad”. It is a long process to heal it and definitely takes a lot of trial and error to see what works for me and in what quantities.

Something that I realized is that just because a food is good for someone else, maybe it’s not good for you. Or maybe it’s not good for you at certain times. Or it might only be good in certain quantities.

Even the healthiest foods in the world aren’t always good for you. You hear that spinach and kale are two of the healthiest foods in the world, but that doesn’t mean that if all you eat are greens, you’d be healthy. You’d be missing out on a variety of micro and macro nutrients from other food sources. This is why “trendy”diets don’t always work for everyone. You have to eat the right balance of foods for your body.

So, right now, beets aren’t good for me. Garlic isn’t good for me. Cherries, mangos, dates – all nixed (or in very low quantities) in my diet for a little while. I’ll avoid FODMAPs and continue to listen to my body.

Once my body and my gut gets some balance back, I can reintroduce those foods slowly. Because technically, those foods ARE healthy! But not for me. Not right now.

What I will be eating? Leafy greens, eggs and other well-sourced meats, zucchini and squash, tomatoes, carrots, some fruits like pineapple and papaya (which are great for your gut), some nuts, and seeds. I’ll also try to get in more bone broth and other collagen-rich foods that will help my gut to heal. And luckily, my 88% cocoa dark chocolate still meets the standards of this protocol so my sanity and cravings will be in check for the next few weeks 🙂

So if you have gut issues, allergies, acne, mood swings, get sick all the time, etc., remember that the food you put in your body can make you healthier and support you, or it can bring on these symptoms and make you less healthy. It is up to YOU to explore what foods are right for you, in what quantities, and at what times.

Explore what works, experiment, and listen to your body. It always knows what’s right for you.

I’ll be exploring for the next few weeks to heal my body and reset so I CAN eat all the foods I want. So goodbye for now, roasted brussel sprouts and onions. Bye booch. I’ll see ya soon, avocado toast.

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