26.2 Reasons to Be Thankful

This morning was my very last run on my normal route before my marathon. When I was running along, I looked up and saw the leaves hanging down from a tree I pass daily. I noticed the leaves hanging lower; these full, green leaves that had taken over the tree.

Those were not there just a few weeks ago, when I was bundling up for every run. It was beautiful to see the new life, the nature along the way. Although I pass by it so many times, it was a reminder that spring brings new beginnings and beauty, and that life is a flow of constant change.

I thought of how much I must have changed along that route in the past few months, too.

I reached up and touched the leaves. I was grateful for them. I felt a whole swarm of gratitude, and started to list all of the things I was grateful for. On that run and throughout my training. It made the miles go by so quickly and wonderfully. It made me realize there is so much to be thankful for.

Thank You To:

  1. IMG_0505My bed, for allowing me to be well-rested before my run. And maybe holding me a little longer than I should have because it was so comfortable.
  2. The moon that greeted me this morning as I walked out the door.
  3. The sun that rose along the way and brightened the day.
  4. My phone, headphones, favorite podcast hosts, and musicians that tag along with me during all my training sessions.
  5. My GPS watch that told me many times today that it was okay to slow down and take it easy.
  6. The neighbors I pass by every morning and wave to. They don’t even know that they are part of my training, but I am grateful to pass by them daily as a part of the routine and knowing others are out there achieving their goals, too.
  7. The flowers and trees that have blossomed in the past few months. The snowy mornings that turned into hot and humid mornings, the beautiful changes of the seasons, the ebbing and flowing of nature as I changed, too.
  8. The sprinklers in the yard that kept me cool on this humid day.
  9. My strong and capable body that has pushed through so many miles that led me to where I am today.
  10. All of the uphills along my routes that have made me stronger.
  11. All of the downhills that gave me a break.
  12. My mind, for being strong enough to get up each morning and get through the workouts no matter what.
  13. My indoor bike trainer and all other cross-training methods I’ve utilized in the past few months, that gave me a break from running.
  14. My yoga practice, which has strengthened my body and mind more than I ever imagined along this training cycle.
  15. My heart, for my passion to do the hard things, and for loving myself when I falter, and when I succeed.
  16. The port-a-potty along my route (and a few trees, too).IMG_0092
  17. My friends and family for their support in all the races and training runs I’ve done up until this point.
  18. My fiancé, for putting up with the alarm going off at 4am, picking up chores around the house, endless massages for my aching muscles, mental support and encouragement, and SO much more.
  19. My best friend, for EVERYTHING. The encouragement to run a marathon, the bracelet I wear daily that says “GODSPEED” that reminds me I am a runner with the force to go the distance, her own strength that constantly motivates me to be strong and better every day.
  20. For beer! And the Burlington Running Club who meets at Third State Brewery in NJ weekly. The carbs and the support are always welcome. Cheers to you guys!
  21. My coworkers, who listen to my hard days and easy days, and make me feel like superwoman when I tell them about my training.
  22. I was thankful to myself this morning for allowing – I allowed myself (for once) to end the run before the mile mark I was supposed to hit. My watch IMG_0099.PNGsaid 3.78 and I said “that’s ok”.
  23. I was thankful to myself for pushing – I told myself “enjoy your last run  these last tenths of a mile”, and I ran happily along my route past the 4 mile mark.
  24. For my running route itself! And all the new routes I’ve gotten to experience through this training cycle.
  25. Primrose, my pitbull, for waiting patiently at home on workout mornings, waiting to be my cooldown partner for a walk.
  26. My grit, grace, and my gratitude – the mantra I will use to get me through the tough times on Sunday.

.2. And I am grateful for anyone who actually reads this 🙂 

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