My Core Philosophies

My first blog post was basically my reasons why I’m starting this blogging journey. It’s my past, present, and future.

I figured that would cover the basics and I could jump right in to opinion posts, recipes, and more. However, I realized something was missing.

So here it is – my basic principles, or “core philosophies”, of what I believe in and what I hope to share and spread to others.

These themes will be apparent throughout this blog as I continue to write and share. This will also help you get to know me and my beliefs a little bit better. Here we go…

Exercise Because You Love Your Body

I used to think that every workout had to leave my completely exhausted. If I wasn’t drenched in sweat and could breathe at the end of it, it wasn’t over. Two rounds of Insanity in one day? BRING IT. Go for a run and then do a crossfit style workout. YAS.

And why did I do those things? Out of guilt for eating. Out of hatred for my body.

And where did that usually lead me? Exhausted and starving and reaching for more junk food because I “deserved it” after a hard workout.

Another shameful spiral.

Now, I workout the way I want to. If my body tells me I just need a walk and to stretch that day, it’s what I do. Yoga can be plenty. Rest is fantastic, too!

Now, for those who know me, you might be thinking “Then why do you train for marathons? That’s probably exhausting and beating up your body, too”.

Yes, of course it is hard. But I take easy run days most days. Like…REALLY EASY. I am on a training plan I know I can handle. I take rest and recovery very seriously. I refuel properly. I also cross-train. I strength train to feel strong. I hike to explore nature. I cycle and do HIIT and love to mix up my training.

And I’m not running this marathon to lose weight or get a “runner’s body”. I’m not doing it to beat myself up or punish myself for what I’ve eaten.

I’m doing it for the sense of accomplishment at the finish line. I’m doing this because I love the structure of a training plan. I’m doing this because I love my body, not because I hate it.

Eat Because You Love Your Body

Somebody recently asked if I were going to order a pasta dish at a restaurant and I said “no, I don’t like to eat that”.

What I got back was a comment about how it’s because I’m one of those girls who “doesn’t eat carbs” and I’m too busy eating “bird food”.

And I felt a little judged. A little ashamed. I almost ordered something “extra carby” in spite of those comments.

But I didn’t. Because as a matter of fact, I eat a lot of carbohydrates every day. But I don’t typically eat that one food group I was judged for not eating.

Why? Because when I eat that thing, I do not feel good. Not because I fear getting fat. Not because I’ve cut out a major macronutrient.

I didn’t eat it because I know it will not serve my body. I could better gain my necessary nutrients from a potato, or giant bowl of oatmeal, or something I enjoy more than the pasta dish that didn’t look very appetizing anyway.

I eat the foods I eat because they make me feel good. They are nourishing me. Fueling me. And because I enjoy them!

I also eat foods that don’t necessarily nourish my body, too. Maybe it’s a moment that I’m giving in to a craving. Maybe not. Maybe I eat too much of that thing in one sitting. And that’s okay, too. But if you focus on eating the foods that make you truly feel good, you will always be better off.

Always Be Kind To Yourself

And if I do eat too much of a bad thing? I forgive myself.

I used to beat myself up over eating something I thought was bad. I have a bite of a piece of cake? Uh oh, here comes the shame spiral …which typically ultimately led to more cake.

Once I started to be kind to myself for acting against what I thought was “the right thing to do”, my happiness and confidence sky rocketed.

Now, I can have a few bites of ice cream and be okay with it. Or, I can eat the whole pint and still be okay with it. Because I know where to go from there. Not every bad choice is a “death sentence” of my wellness goals.

If you choose kindness over guilt, you will always win.

…And To Others

I admit it, I find myself judging others’ choices pretty frequently (I’m workin’ on it!). And then sometimes, I find myself making that choice and feeling guilt over it.

If you are always kind to yourself and to others, this will not be an issue.

If someone doesn’t want to eat a specific food, or they choose to go for a run instead of going out with you, be happy for them and their choices.

And if I choose the bird food over the pasta, please don’t judge me 🙂

Even if it’s not something you would do yourself, if it brings them joy, then let them have it.

Be Open

This one’s short and sweet.

Try new things. Explore. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s where you grow and change.

Namaste Real

To me, this means seeking your true inner-self and being true to that self at all times.

Do not choose a diet because everyone else is doing it. If it’s not right for you, that’s okay. Do not choose a fitness program if you hate it or it’s hurting you. If you’re not happy with it, what’s the point?

If your goal is to be happy, choose happiness with every decision you make. Don’t sacrifice your todays for tomorrows that are not promised to you.

This is not taking the easy route. This is the hard part. This is asking yourself hard questions such as: “Why do I push myself doing a workout that I hate?” or “Why am I halfway through a container of hummus when I’m not hungry?” (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

The answers probably aren’t as easy as they may seem at the surface. Dig deep. Be vulnerable. Find your inner drivers and motivators. If you seek the truth and focus on your feelings, and the “why” behind your actions, those are stepping stones to growth and empowerment.

Listen to your thoughts. Listen to what signals your body is sending you.

Namaste Real.


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