Goodbye NFI

It was supposed to be six months. A six month internship with a company I had never heard of (I applied because a friend of my sister saw it and thought it was the NFL.) I remember moving out of college, driving from Richmond, VA to Delran, NJ. It was June 8th, 2012 and I was in traffic in DC on 95. My whole life was packed up in my Honda (named LaFawnduh). All of a sudden, right next to me was an NFI truck! Was it fate?! I had never noticed an NFI truck on the roads before, and now this place I was going to intern at was right there. I wanted to yell out to the driver “I work there, too, starting on Monday!!”

I had already graduated, so the internship could be longer than a summer. I was told at the time it would be 6 months. That meant I’d be done in December 2012, and ready to look for another job. My real, full-time job.


But I remember, just three months in, my bosses said they were hiring a full time position. I had to apply for it and interview with my managers and all. I was so nervous, but I had done it! I got the job as a full-time marketing specialist.

I learned so much. I figured so much shit out on my own. I didn’t really get training on my job… I just learned as I went and made things up along the way. New folks got hired to the department, our team started to grow, and I found myself with a new direct report. She encouraged me to try new things, so I did. I was an event planner, graphic designer, website editor, team captain, PowerPoint master, content creator, video editor, and email coder. And then I was asked to temporarily help with assigning leads for our sales team.

…And that’s how I ended up as a Salesforce Administrator. I was in the right place at the right time, yet again. It was another time in my career at NFI when I assumed the role would be temporary. But I fell in love with the data, the system configuration, all the puzzles that got to be solved. I worked directly with and for so many different people and departments. It was a learning experience I never imagined.

I met the best of friends. I went to Vegas, and California, and Chicago. I ate cake for breakfast, a lot. I played softball, went to Flyers and Sixers games, and biked hundreds of miles for charity on Team NFI. We celebrated weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other huge life events. We mourned losses together, pranked each other, had silly rituals…and we laughed a whole lot. It was here I became a dog mom, I lost my first pet, I met my husband, I moved away from home, I ran my first (and fifth) Marathon. I grew the hell up.

Seven and a half years. I’m almost thirty, so that’s about one quarter of my whole life. A little more actually. 2,782 days I spent at NFI.

I still remember what I wore on my first day. I remember what I did. I remember my desk, and my coworkers, and the excitement I had.

And now, on my 2,782nd day, I’ll never forget what I’m wearing, my desk (and my view), my coworkers (turned best of friends), and the sadness I feel.


Thank you to everyone who made this quarter of my life so memorable. The 40 hours a week I spent with you have been wonderful, and it’s been an honor to work with all of you. I am going to miss this, all of this, so so much.




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